Misuse of River Cauvery for washing dyed fabric continues

ERODE: For long people who believe in Hindu mythology have used holy rivers to wash off their sins.

The use of River Cauvery for washing dyed fabric continues unabated in Erode.

The use of River Cauvery for washing dyed fabric continues unabated in Erode.

With the passage of time, the ‘use’ of river for various other purposes, including letting out domestic sewage and effluents as in Ganga and Yamuna, has gain ground. And, River Cauvery is no exception.

It serves as an excellent source for dyeing, bleaching units to wash processed fabric. It also is the cheapest alternative, for there is no need to safe discharge washed water. The use of River Cauvery to wash off the ‘sins’ on the fabric has been going on for more than a decade. And, it continues.

So much ‘sin,’ read dyes, on fabrics has been washed off the river that it has not only lost its holy tag but also become unfit for human use.

That the Erode Corporation and dozens of local bodies down stream pump and supply the very waters for domestic consumption is a different story, though.

The dyeing and bleaching units continue to do it with so much impunity and no action has deterred them. The proof of it is to be seen on the river banks in Vairapalayam, Karungalpalayam and host of other places. The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, which is vested with the responsibility of arresting pollution, says washing dyed fabrics in River Cauvery is more of an ‘anti-social activity.’

District Environment Engineer, Erode, Selvam, says the Board cannot act alone and will have to take the help of Transport Department for seizing the vehicle used to transport the goods and the Revenue Department.

He further says that since the Collector, according to a Madras High Court order, has constituted a committee, it is the committee that will have to act. The District Environment Engineer also clarifies that the Board can act only if the washing is carried out by an industry. Asked about the issue of using Cauvery waters for washing dyed fabric and the Engineer’s response, Collector Mahesan Kasirajan, who is the head of the committee, says the officials will act at the earliest.

Article from THE HINDU PAPER by Karthik Madhavan

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