Bleaching factories remain closed in Erode

Staff Reporter – The Hindu

In protest against TNPCB’s decision asking them to install reverse osmosis plants

Bleaching Factories - Erode - PHOTO: M.GOVARTHAN

Bleaching Factories - Erode - PHOTO: M.GOVARTHAN

Protest: Bleaching factories in and around Erode remained closed on Monday.

ERODE: Bleaching units in and around the city remained closed on Monday, as factory owners went on strike in protest against the decision asking them to install reverse osmosis (RO) plants.

Bleaching factory owners’ association president Shanmuga Sundaram told reporters that the association’s protest was against Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, which asked bleaching factories to install reverse osmosis plants to treat effluents.

“In the past few months, the TNPCB move had led to closure of 40 units.”

Mr. Sundaram said the factories did not require reverse osmosis but only effluent treatment plants, as the effluent they discharged was not as high as other processing industries.

He argued that as the effluent from bleaching units contained less dissolved solids than the prescribed level it would be suffice to install just ETPs.

He said that units could afford only ETPs and not RO plants as the latter were beyond their reach. “An ETP costs Rs. 3 lakh as against an RO plant at Rs. 15 lakh, which is not required to treat the lime and chlorine we use.” He wanted the TNPCB to reconsider its decision.

Bleaching units’ decision to down shutters means that the 50 lakh metres of grey fabric they bleach a day will not go the next stage in processing, thus affecting the whole processing cycle.

Mr. Sundaram said the 350-odd units and their 10,000 employees would continue to go on strike until the TNPCB reversed its decision.

From The Hindu Paper


I urge Mr.Sundaram to ask the Government and TNPCB to build a common Effluent Treatment Plants and RO plants in different areas, And the cost can be shared by both the Government and Factory owners and public.

Due to this everyone will be satisfied and we can save our environment. I request the public, to indluge in this issue, coz finally the effluent will be discharged in common lands and cauvery river, which will affect all the people… So take action and get into action soon…

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