Water – India – water crisis

India’s annual monsoons often lead to flooding. So why is the country now afraid it’s going to run out of water?

Indias impending water crisis

India's impending water crisis

A combination of water-intensive agriculture, population growth, and — to a lesser extent — a drought are to blame for the shortfall, the BBC reports:

    Dr Raj Gupta, a scientist working for the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), said that the current drought would lead to more groundwater extraction.

    “Farmers receive no rains so they are pumping a lot more water than the government expected, so the water table will fall further,” he said.

    “The farmers have to irrigate, and that’s why they’re pumping more water, mining more water. The situation has to stop today or tomorrow.”

If the trend continues, we could potentially be looking at the first international security crisis due to climate change.

From ForeignPolicy

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