Against EcoTourism – Development of Lakes

Against EcoTourism

Against EcoTourism

This graphic attempts to highlight the irony of eco-tourism projects in India, with special reference to lakes. More and more Indian lakes are ‘developed’ to become tourist friendly: with heritage structures, walkways, driveways, amusement parks, etc. around them and with boating / water sports facilities. As a result of the disturbance, animals and birds (and insects and fishes)—which constitute a lake’s ecosystem—find their homes destroyed and either perish in the process or are forced to leave. Lakes, in a water scarce and environmentally degraded country like India, are hearts of its natural support system, their stereotypical development results in short-term gains and long term loss for the country. Lakes need to be left untouched and respected for the not-always-visible-to-the-naked-eye role they play in securing our environment.

From Mayank

One Response to Against EcoTourism – Development of Lakes

  1. myviews4life says:

    I agree with mayank,
    We human beings having six sense, Destroying the nature…
    But the same six sense can create wonder to the nature, if we put our heart together to safe guard our surroundings.

    I am in, I want all people to take care of their surroundings…

    I wish this will become true…

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