Tamilnadu: Displeasure over distribution of Cauvery water in Ramnad

Supply is yet to be started for rural habitations

RAMANATHAPURAM: Even as the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board has begun scouring operation to clean sediments and deposits along the main pipeline, the water users and general public have expressed displeasure over the distribution of Cauvery water.

The project implemented at a cost of Rs.616 crore is to supply water to four municipalities, 7 town panchayats and all rural habitations in Ramanathapuram district and part of Sivaganga and Pudukottai districts. Though water supply has begun in all municipalities and town panchayats, supply is yet to be started for rural habitations.

CLEANING: Scouring operation on in Ramanathapuram. — Photo: L. Balachandar

CLEANING: Scouring operation on in Ramanathapuram. — Photo: L. Balachandar

Many residents in town areas allege that the authorities have been maintaining an erratic supply. Complaints of water leakages due to burst in distribution lines have also been reported in many places.
The ongoing underground drainage work, which caused digging of ground in many areas, has also added to the woes of the people.

A TWAD board official told The Hindu that leakages had occurred in some places as the existing distribution lines in the Ramanathapuram municipality area were not able to withstand the water pressure. These were laid in 1977. The town should have water line for 67 km length. However, there was shortage of distribution line in some areas.

However, he said more than 80 per cent of the problem had been sorted. It had been decided to lay new distribution lines to a length of 71 km at a cost of Rs.1.61 crore to solve the problem permanently.

A proposal, which was sent to the Director of Municipal Administration, was in an advance stage for clearance.

The official said scouring operation had been started beyond the eastern side of Ramanathapuram.

C. Jaishankar – From THE HINDU

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