UNICEF responds to the worst Indian floods in decades

UNICEF has distributed 10,000 collapsible jerry cans and 25 water tanks to the worst affected district of Mahbubnagar, India, which has been badly hit by the most severe flash flooding seen in decades.

The flooding, in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, has left 247 people dead and an estimated two million people affected. The death toll is expected to rise further with many of the flood-hit areas still marooned and inaccessible to humanitarian efforts. Fifteen districts of North Karnataka are among the worst hit accounting for 195 deaths, while the Rayalseema region in Andhra Pradesh reported 52 deaths.

UNICEF is working with the state government in Andhra Pradesh and NGO partners to help coordinate relief and rescue operations in the state.


One Response to UNICEF responds to the worst Indian floods in decades

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