India: Rajkot students replace poly bags with paper bags

RAJKOT – Students from different schools here have taken up an initiative to propagate mass awareness against the ill effects of using plastic bags.

Despite the ban imposed on the use of plastic bags, vegetable vendors used to sell vegetables to the customers in plastic bags.

To bring a complete stop on this illegal use of poly bags, students campaigned on the streets and prompted vegetable vendors to stop using plastic by distributing pamphlets and paper bags made of newspapers.

“We told all the shopkeepers and buyers to use paper bags instead of plastic bags.

Everybody behaved well and cooperated with us in our drive. Now, it seems everyone will start using paper bags,” said Rajpara Hasti, a student.

On their part, both buyers and vendors felt quite motivated and inspired by the manner in which the students explained why there was no need to use poly bags.

“When students informed us about the harmful effects of plastic bags, I started using cloth bag,” said Parul, a resident.

The student campaigners enlightened the public that polythene waste, which the stray cattle often feed on, results in damaging the digestive system as the polythene gets stuck in the intestines. (ANI)

From Taragana

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