Bangalore: Saving water in small measures

BANGALORE: Bangalore is taking small steps to meet water shortage. With rainwater harvesting becoming mandatory, a few more small measures are being taken. Three ground level reservoirs (GLR) were inaugurated on Wednesday. This was part of 10 GLRs planned in the city by 2010 to meet the water needs of 1.5 lakh families.

BWSSB in-charge minister Katta Subramanya Naidu inaugurated a GLR in Nagarbhavi with 5 million litres (ML) capacity at Rs 324 lakh, in Dasarahalli with 9 ML at Rs 395.25 lakh and in Srigandha Kaval with 7.5 ML at Rs 431.60 lakh.

The remaining seven GLRs will be built in Govindarajapuram (9 ML), Annapurneshwarinagar (5 ML), Nandini Layout (9 ML), Byatrayanpura (9 ML), K R Puram (9 ML), Mahadevpura (9 ML) and R T Nagar (5 ML).

Naidu said the GLRs will support water supply once the Cauvery 4th stage, 2nd phase is ready. The price of non-potable water may dip by Rs 6. Currently, it costs Rs 18 per kilo litre. Fielding stations for non-potable water will also come up at 20 places.


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