Plan stress-free holiday with Karnataka tourism guide

BANGALORE: Is planning a vacation a daunting task for you? Have you ever wondered where you would spend the night while journeying to remote tourist spots in the state? Here’s a handy aid to help you plan a stress-free holiday.

The new Karnataka tourism directory, released by Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKKCI), contains all the required information a tourist needs. Destinations across districts in the different tourism branches such as heritage, worship, beach, waterfall, wildlife, eco-tourism, arts and craft, festivals and so on, are described in detail. Hotels, eateries, packages and travel facilities are also included.

Karnataka Tourism

Karnataka Tourism

The directory, soft copies which are also available, was released by G Janardhan Reddy, minister for tourism and infrastructure on Wednesday. He was also honoured as the `tourism person of the year’ by FKCCI during the function.

“This is part of our efforts to encourage tourism in the state. The industry’s full potential has not been fully tapped due to various reasons like lack of funds and facilities,” said J Crasta, president, FKCCI. Janardhan Reddy said Rs 493 crore is being spent through public-private partnership in building aircraft, helipads and roads in the state. A golf course in Mangalore and a theme park in Bangalore are also under consideration.

FKCCI has also organized a seminar on emerging trends in tourism following the meeting. Prospects of medical, heli, heritage and coastal tourism were discussed during the meeting.


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