Rain brings cheers to farmers in Karur district

Life thrown out of gear as low-lying areas are inundated

KARUR: Rain lashed several parts of the district on Thursday and Friday heralding the onset of monsoon over the district and bringing cheer to the farmers. The rains also threw life out of gear for the townsmen as low-lying areas sported sheets of water spread and forcing the unaware public to reach out to their umbrellas.

It was drizzling for the major part of the two days while sudden bout of heavy downpour wetted several parts of Kulithalai and Thogamalai areas on Thursday and Friday. Karur town experienced moderate rainfall in the two days.

Farmers who were apprehensive of irrigating their standing crop heaved a sigh of relief as rains came although a bit late. Standing banana crop and the transplanted late samba in several acres in Kulithalai and Krishnarayapuram taluks would benefit from the rain.

On Friday, electrical and electronic equipment in several houses and business establishments in Sengunthapuram were damaged in lightning. On Thursday night, lightning and thunder struck four huts in the Mettumahadanapuram area near Kulithalai and the household implements in them were damaged. In Vangal near Karur, banana crop in several acres were damaged by strong gales. The sky remained overcast and drizzle continued well into Friday.


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