Cuddalore: New Veeranam project will avert flooding

CUDDALORE: The New Veeranam Project, estimated to cost Rs.23 crore, has been drafted to ensure the stability of the Veeranam tank and also to avert flooding in the ayacut areas, according to P.Seetharaman, District Collector.

Addressing a press conference here today on the preparedness of the administration to tackle the cyclone and flood situation in district the Collector said that the new project envisaged repairing and replacing of the damaged sluices, reinforcing the bunds, and, clearing the inlet and outlet channels of the outgrowths and other encroachments.

Based on deliberations with the stakeholders on the safety of the tank it had been decided to maintain the water level at 43.9 ft (maximum 47.5 ft). Therefore, the entire inflow of 3000 cusecs of water, realized through the Sengal Odai and the Karuvatti Odai, was being discharged.

However, to prevent flooding in the downstream the outflow through the Velliyangal Odai had been reduced from 500 cusecs to 250 cusecs to allay the fears of the ayacutdars about the possible inundation of the crops. Moreover, a portion of the excesses too was being drained in the Vellar.

A canal for a length of 5.5 km had been dug up to safely carry the water pumped out from the Neyveli Lignite Corporation mines. Earlier, the Paravanar fed by the water from the mines used to breach its course and inflict heavy damage to the standing crops.

The Collector also stated that of the 296 water sources in the district 198 were filled to the brim. In 50,000 hectares under samba crops the transplantation process was completed in 45,000 ha but if the rain continued the seedlings would perish. Water hyacinth choking the waterways in Chidambaram block were being removed.

According to a preliminary estimate about 57 villages in the district—21 in Cuddalore, 13 in Kattumannarkoil, 12 in Chidambaram, five in Vriddhachalam and three in Panruti– were facing the threat of inundation.

Cyclone shelters

Mr.Seetharaman observed that all the 21 cyclone shelters—13 in Chidambaram block and eight in Cuddalore block—had been kept in readiness to accommodate those who might get displaced by natural disasters.

A buffer stock of 818 tonnes of rice was kept ready (stored in at least 237 fair price shops in the vulnerable areas) to feed the people during exigency.

Rescue boats and fire service personnel had been on the alert to evict the people from the areas likely to be affected by flood.

An infantry battalion had been kept ready in the Secundarabad barracks and whenever warranted they would move in, the Collector added.


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