TN rain toll rises to 71, Ooty cut off

CHENNAI: As the northeast monsoons continued to lash several parts of Tamil Nadu, the death toll due to rains rose to 71, with the Nilgiris alone accounting for 43 deaths. With sheets of water inundating Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor towns, the picturesque Nilgiris wore a battered look. Landslips and heavy rains claimed 29 more lives in the hill district, taking the toll in the last two days to 43.

Uprooted trees and stagnating water blocked traffic and cut off the road link between Coonoor and Ooty even as land slips triggered a trail of house collapses and human tragedies. Two senior ministers, Veerapandi S Arumugam and Pongalur N Palanisamy, and a team of officials have rushed to the hill resort to oversee rescue and relief work.

Earlier in the day, chief minister M Karunanidhi held discussions with the chief secretary and senior officials on expediting relief works.

Nilgiris collector Anand Rao V Patil told TOI that six teams of fire service personnel were undertaking rescue operations along with 170 STF and Tamil Nadu Special Police personnel. More than 700 people had been accommodated in 10 camps across the district.

“All works related to rescue and relief operations in the district are going on well,” he said.

One Response to TN rain toll rises to 71, Ooty cut off

  1. rangan says:

    News: minister Rasa said “widening the road caused the land slide”

    This is the stupidest reason I ever heard. Widening road caused land slide? What an idiot he is. The machinery they used were not heavy. In a heavy rain like this things get washed away. If you construct road with whatever money is left after the politician and his families swindling, this is what happens. Do not put blame on machine and road widening.

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