Clearing of wild growth in the Vaigai begins

FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT: Wild growth in Vaigai riverbed being removed — Photo: G. Moorthy on Saturday.

MADURAI: Public Works Department has begun clearing of wild growth in the Vaigai riverbed in the city limits on Saturday.

Besides clearing the jungle growth, the riverbed re-grading would be done filling up the pits on the river.

These pits often pose threat to the lives of city residents who venture into the river.

Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers, M.K. Alagiri, had instructed the officials to clear the bushes that were affecting the smooth flow of water.

The Minister also inspected the work that began near the Arapalayam causeway.

A PWD Engineer said that flow of water on a narrow stretch during majority parts of the year creates pits on the riverbed.

These pits are not visible while the flow of water increases during rainy season and people get trapped in those deeper pits.

Recently, an engineering student lost life after he fell into the river.

PWD Executive Engineer, S. Vijayakumar, Assistant Executive Engineer, Ilango and Assistant Engineer, C. P. Mohankumar.


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