Tiruchi: Overflowing sewage calls for revision of drainage design City Pulse

Corporation officials urged to find solution to snags in the drainage system

TIRUCHI: Tiruchi, by virtue of its central topographical location in the State, accounts for several important features. One of them is the round-the-clock busy activity at the Central Bus Stand.

Persistent crisis: Sewage water stagnating in and around Central Bus Stand area, a common sight in Tiruchi. — Photo: R. Ashok

This topography has come as a blessing to many traders, especially those running lodges, hotels and restaurants in and around the Central Bus Stand. The volume of sewage water being let out by these commercial establishments can be gauged by a simple glance of some open drains in the area.

Although the underground drainage facility has been put in place, at times it is quite inadequate to carry the huge volume of sewage being let out by these lodges, restaurants and make-shift stalls. Any snag, even minor one, in the underground drainage often results in the overflowing of the sewage water.


The snag may be due to the stagnation in the flow of sewage water caused by a bunch of banana-leaves or other waste materials, resulting in the overflowing of the sewage water through the manholes. It is here the problem takes its root and branches off to other nuisances, including health hazard, not to speak of the traffic chaos. It appears that a turn system has been in vogue among these chain of hotels, marriage halls and lodges located in and around the Central Bus Stand to cause the menace.

The important thoroughfares, such as Rockins Road, Williams Road, V.O.C. Road, McDonalds Road bear the brunt of the overflow. The stagnant waters together with the foul smell become the source of health hazard at least for a couple of days, till the rectification measures are taken up for restoration of free flow of sewage waters.


The restoration measure begins with the setting up of make-shift iron barricades as a preventive measure to check any speeding vehicles, particularly two-wheelers falling into the manhole kept opened for maintenance. With all the above roads less than 30 feet in width, the setting up of these barricades, primarily, results in a traffic snarl.

The foul smell emanating from the stagnant water adds to the discomfort of the road-users.

It is a common sight on the McDonalds Road that a few auto-rickshaw drivers of the local auto-stand volunteer to set up a boulder on these stagnant waters, to prevent splashing of the water on them. Ironically, the office of the Deputy Director of Health is located in the vicinity of the V.O.C. Road and the office is seen logged by sewage water.

The Honorary secretary of Tiruchi District Exnora, C. Balasubramanian, says that the city Corporation authorities should evolve a permanent solution to this nuisance to check the spread of water-borne diseases and contamination of the area.

The stagnation of water during monsoon would end up in a more serious outbreak of diseases, he warns, appealing to the Corporation officials to take urgent action for ensuring free flow of underground sewage water.

The volume of sewage water being let out in this area should match with the design of the underground drainage. A re-look into the existing design would be the only lasting solution, he feels.

The completion of the second phase of the underground drainage project in the residential areas in the periphery of the Central Bus Stand such as Ponnagar, Selva Nagar, Periya Milaguparai would aggravate the situation, if the design was not revised, he says.

M. Balaganessin  – From THE HINDU


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