Periyar dam level nearing 136 feet

MADURAI: After the Vaigai dam that has been surplussing since Sunday, it is now Periyar dam that is poised to overflow. The dam, with present permissible maximum reservoir level of 136 feet, is just short of 1.2 feet to flow over to Kerala.

The first flood warning for region downstream Periyar dam was issued on Sunday when the level touched 134 feet. The second warning will be issued when it touches 135 feet. Water level in the Periyar dam on Monday (6 a.m.) stood at 134.5 feet with an inflow of 3,492 cusecs and a discharge of 1,662 cusecs. The level in the Vaigai dam was 69.19 feet (71 feet) with an inflow of 4,074 cusecs and a discharge of 6,490 cusecs. The combined Periyar credit stood at 7,640 mcft.


Sothuparai dam recorded 31 mm of rainfall followed by Tekkadi and Uthamapalayam 28 each, Sittampatti 24, Periyar dam 18.2, Vaigai dam 18, Manjalar dam 17, Veerapandi and Kallandiri 16 each, Gudalur and Marudhanadi 14 each, Shanmuganadi 11, Madurai 10, Idayapatti 8.4, Mettupatti and Melur 8 each, Kuppanampatti 7.2, Andipatti 6, Thaniyamangalam 5.5, Sattaiyar 5 and Peranai 3.8.



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