Theni: Water released for irrigation

From P.T. Rajan and other channels

THENI: Water has been released from the P.T. Rajan and Thanthai Periyar channels in Cumbum valley and also from the Shanmuganadhi channel in Uthamapalayam for irrigation of wet and dry crops, said Collector P. Muthuveeran.

After releasing water from the Shamuganadhi dam here on Monday, he said that the water was released from Periyar Vaigai Irrigation system in the valley for single crop in 5,146 acres – 468 acres of wet crops and 4,678 acres of dry crop areas – in Cumbum valley. Initially, 100 cusecs of water had been released. Water release would continue for next 120 days from Periyar dam in addition to the existing release of 200 cusecs. Chinnamanur, Seelayampatty, Veppampatti, Seepalakottai, Poomalaikundu, Tharmapuri, Thadicherry, Venkatachalpuram, Koduvilarpatty, Jangalpatti, Kovindanagaram and Balakrishnapuram would be benefited.

Later, he released water from the Shanmuganadhi reservoir to irrigate 1,018.17 acres of dry crop in second block on the same day. To begin with, 14.47 cusecs of water had been released. Water would be discharged in turn system from Shanuganadhi Reservoir for the next 62 days.

If the storage level depleted owing to the failure of monsoon in the catchments, water release would not be possible, he pointed out. With this release, five villages, including Erasakkanaickanur, Kanniservaipatty, Alagapuri, Velliammalpuram and Odaipatti, would be benefited.

The Public Works engineers had already released water for irrigation from Sothuparai and Manjalar Nadhi dams last week. Storage levels in all dams in the district had reached their total capacity owing to recent spell and flash floods in all major rivers, including Mullai Periyar River.

The level in the Periyar dam rose marginally to 134.8 feet (permissible level is 136 feet). Inflow in to the dam was 3,492 cusecs. But the discharge remained at 1,648 cusecs only.

The level remained static in the Vaigai dam, thanks to the massive discharge from the dam.

The storage level has been remaining in the same position at 69.06 for the past two days. Inflow into the dam was 4,074 cusecs and the discharge 3,492 cusecs.

Total rainfall recorded at various places in the district at 8 a.m. on Monday in mm:

Periyar dam 18.2, Thekkadi 18, Goodalur 14, Uthamapalayam 28, Veerapandi 16, Vaigai dam 18 and Shanmuga River dam 11.



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