Tamilnadu: 10 dams in southern districts overflowing

MADURAI: Ten out of the 32 dams in nine southern districts under the jurisdiction of the Water Resources Organisation, Madurai Region, of the Public Works Department have surplussed in the past few days.

Among the 7,287 irrigation tanks in the region, including eight districts and a portion of Dindigul district, 1,651 tanks are filled to the brim. Almost an identical number of tanks have water up to 75 per cent of their capacity.

Among the overflowing reservoirs, four each are in Theni and Tirunelveli districts. Vaigai, Shanmuganadi, Marudhanadi and Sothuparai dams in Theni district and Karupappandi, Gundar, Gadana and Ramanadi in Tirunelveli district have surplussed.

Both the districts, along the Western Ghats, have been largely benefited by the recent rain, says P. Ramamoorthy, Chief Engineer, WRO, Madurai Region.

The rain in the Western Ghats has also benefited the Mullaperiyar dam, which is just one foot short of overflowing.

The Marudhanadi dam in Dingidul and Sasthakoil dam in Virudhunagar district are the two others overflowing. Three major dams in Tirunelveli district — Papanasam, Manimuthar and Servalar — have significant storage.

Poor storage

However, the districts of Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga and Virudhunagar continue to have poor storage in the tanks.

Just three tanks (out of the total 1,115) in Sivaganga have water to their capacity. Eighteen (out of 342) tanks in Virudhunagar and 26 (out of 623) tanks in Ramanathapuram are full.

“We have sought the State government’s permission to fill the system tanks in Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram districts with (the 3,600 mcft of) Vaigai credit in the reservoir,” Mr. Ramamoorthy said.

Vaigai credit water, divided into 12 parts, is distributed among Madurai, Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram districts. While Sivaganga is eligible for three parts, Ramanathapuram gets seven. Madurai district is eligible for two parts.

As of now, the surplus water from the Vaigai dam is being used to fill the Big Tank in Ramanathapuram.


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