Frequent waterlogging hits Cuddalore locality

Effluents from industrial estate also cause health hazards

CUDDALORE: Residents of V.K.J. Nagar in Panchankuppam area near here detest rain because even the slightest shower leaves their place waterlogged. About 100 houses are thus facing the threat of inundation from overflowing sewage and run-off from the nearby garbage yard.

S. Raju (45), a resident, told The-Hindu that waterlogging had been the bane of the area for the past two decades. Sewage carrying effluents of the SIPCOT Industrial Estate is also streaming through the village, thereby causing stench and serious health hazards.

Owing to the lack of drainage facility, the murky water stagnated at the place for months together. Therefore, the area had become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and the residents find it extremely difficult to cope with the menace.

Woes aplenty: Panchankuppam in Cuddalore old town area remains constantly waterlogged. — Photo: C. Venkatachalapathy

The residents would have to invariably wade through the muddy waters and many of them had developed skin disorders. Whenever it rained heavily, water seeped into houses and posed a severe challenge to clear the contaminated water.

Drinking water supply too was affected by such a situation because there was a potential threat to contract water-borne diseases. Mr. Raju said that whenever the residents register their protests, the local body took ad hoc measures such as digging a shallow trench.

Since the trench was not attached to any canal or water source, in course of time it also got clogged and aggravated the problem.

The residents had also made several representations to the district administration but no action has been taken.

A.V. Ragunathan – From THE HINDU

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