Mysore: Farmers fume over erratic power

MYSORE: The public anger against the unscheduled power outages spilled on to the streets with farmers participating in protest rallies the city on Thursday.

Angered over the outages and irregular supply, they have now threatened to disrupt Cauvery water supply to the city from Melapura water scheme. The farmers are demanding 20 hours of uninterrupted power pointing at the water levels at hydel-power projects in the state.

The copious rainfall has helped boost water levels in major reservoirs that generate power. But the inefficiency of the government and the officials of the power utilities is troubling us. Accusing the government of adopting anti-farmers stance, the protesters said they will be forced to disrupt water supply from Cauvery in case their demands are not met.

The protest comes days after various associations under the aegis of Federation of progressive organizations staged protest in front of corporate office of the Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC). The city dwellers also protested against the outages.

The farming community sought villages on the outskirts of the city to be brought under the city feeder so that they get power like the urbanites get. They marched trough the main thoroughfares of the city and later presented a memorandum to additional deputy commissioner C G Betsurmuth at DC office.



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