Tambaram: Hundreds of fishes found dead

TAMBARAM: Several hundred fishes were found dead in the Tambaram ‘Periya Eri’ in Irumbuliyur on Saturday morning.

While the exact cause is yet to be established, residents suspect pollution to be the major cause.

Eri also called the Irumbuliyur lake is spread over around 100 acres and is under the maintenance of the Water Resources wing of Lower Palar Basin, Public Works Department, Kancheepuram district.

Shocking: The dead fishes in Irumbuliyur lake in Tambaram.— Photo: A. Muralitharan

The variety of the dead fishes include ‘jilebi,’ ‘kulathu kenda’ and ‘koravai.’

Washed out along with surplus water

Residents of Dharmadurai Street near the outlet point (kalangal) of the lake said they noticed dead fishes being washed out along with surplus water flowing out of the lake late on Friday night. On Saturday, they saw more dead fishes near the shore and the outlet point.

Water hyacinth

Staff from the Tambaram Municipality went to the spot and removed the dead fishes and cleared a dense growth of water hyacinth that had choked the outlet point.

Huge inflow of polluted water and sewage into the lake during monsoon and the growth of water hyacinth must be the main cause of the death of the fishes, the residents said. Officials from the Revenue Department visited the spot and instructed residents not to consume the fishes caught from the lake.


They would be sending samples of the dead fish and lake water for analysis.



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