Chennai: Rains reduce power consumption, help TNEB save Rs 30 cr a month

CHENNAI: Though delayed, the monsoon has brought along some good news. It has helped drop the power demand in the state by 700 MW. The dip in power consumption has saved the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) nearly Rs 30 crore a month. This sum, part of that spent on buying power from the open market, is said to be enough to start a 5 MW plant.

For the past few months the state had been experiencing a shortage of nearly 2,000 MW. From May, the situation improved a bit after the wind helped generate over 1,500 MW. After October, when wind generation plummeted, the TNEB hoped to manage the situation by purchasing of 1200-1500 MW as per demand.

In the first week of November, rains began lashing the state and helped reduce the power consumption in agricultural and domestic sector. “There are over 18,80,450 agricultural service connections and 1,36,61,431 domestic connections. Once the rains start, the farmers rely on rainwater, helping save a lot of electricity. In households, the usage of air-conditioners, fans and other cooling equipment will go down,” said a senior TNEB official.

He said that on an average, each house consumes around 500 units of electricity a month. During the monsoon, consumption goes down to at least 450 units as an air-conditioner consumes one unit per hour.

“The TNEB spends nearly Rs 200 crore every month on power purchase from the open market alone. With the demand down, we are buying lesser power and nearly Rs 30 crore is saved.” said the official.

Besides, the monsoon has made the TNEB take a positive look towards hydro generation. “Till last month, we were hoping to generate 5,500 million units from hydro units; now the rains have helped us increase the limit to 6,000 million units. Last year, the generation was 4.600 million units,” said the official.

He said the rains had reduced the share of power the TNEB got from Neyveli; now they were getting around 700 MW. “There have not been any load-shedding in the city. There have been complaints of outages due to technical faults in the transformers. Most transformers are of poor quality, so a small amount of rain can spoil the equipment,” said another official of the TNEB.

From TOI


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