Nagpur: Plastic bag ban only on paper

NAGPUR: IT has been over four years since the state government banned plastic bags of below 50-micron thickness. Still, anyone going shopping can easily get their grocery items or vegetables in one of these ultra thin plastic bags that are blamed for choking up drains as well as cattle that ingest them from garbage heaps. The menace remains strong. Reason: Nagpur Municipal Corporation, which is supposed to enforce the ban, has miserably failed in its job.

Barring leading departmental stores, almost all shops were using plastic bags of five to 10 micron thickness, NMC sources said. The sale and use these bags were continuing unabated across the city. However, now civic body has decided to take action against the erring manufacturers and dealers. Civic officials have once again started conducting raids on various shops, plastic units and even roadside vendors. Since last two months, during such raids 2128 kg of banned plastic bags were seized from various establishments and over Rs 55,000 were recovered from the violators as fines.

The NMC squads, by health officer (sanitation) Dr Milind Ganvir and officials of health department from various zones, were conducting the raids. The a health department official informed that in a recent raid on a plastic bag manufacturer at Itwari, the flying squad had seized over 2025 kg bags below 50 microns. For the first time, the accused manufacturer was fined Rs 6,000. However, if found repeating the offence, he would be fined Rs 10,000 and may also earn imprisonment of six months, he added.

From TOI

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