Ooty: Landslips put traders of Burliar in a spot

Every 15 years they are subjected to harrowing experience

Udhagamandalam: Residents of Burliar on the Mettupalayam-Ooty national highway once again found themselves in an unenviable position which has been created by the recent natural calamity.

Huge landslips triggered by heavy rain have rendered the road useless.

Consequently the residents, most of whom are small traders dependent on motorists and bus passengers for a livelihood have been forced to down shutters.

Though the Nilgiris is accessible by road from a few directions and rail from Mettupalayam, the Mettupalayam-Coonoor ghat road via Kallar and Burliar has for long been considered the main approach to the hills and it is used to a considerable extent.

Burliar has in the last fortnight been languishing on account of the road being closed.

It has been the main place for re-filling radiators before continuing the upward journey towards Udhagamandalam, for quenching a parched throat and for purchasing fruits, spices and snacks.

Drivers of many vehicles going towards Mettupalayam also stop at Burliar. A puja performed for both ascending and descending vehicles in front of a local temple is a long standing practice.

Speaking to The Hindu some of the traders said that ever since a similar natural calamity occurred a few decades ago, they have learnt to live with the apprehension that heavy rain can affect their livelihood at any time.

Pointing out that every 10 or 15 years they are subjected to a harrowing experience by landslips, they lamented that for long an alternative has eluded them.

Roadside petty vendors said that they are the worst affected.


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