Waterfalls Tourism Destination in karnataka

Karnataka is famous for its waterfalls; it is home to some of the more spectacular falls in India. The waterfalls of Karnataka and Kudremukh National park are listed as must-see places and among the “1001 Natural Wonders of the World.” . Some of these are part of the database listing the Largest Waterfalls in the World.

All the waterfalls start from monsoon season of rains all of Karnataka’s major river systems (Cauvery, Krishna, Sharavati and Godavari) along their course provide some great views primarily during the monsoon season. It is primarily the Rivers of the Western Ghats who along their course create some of the deepest and tallest Waterfalls anywhere in the world.

The list of Waterfalls in karnataka

•Abbey Waterfall
•Alekan Waterfall
•Balmuri Waterfall
•Bandaaje Arbi Waterfall
•Banni Waterfall
•Barkana Waterfall
•Benne Hole Waterfall
•Burude Waterfall
•Chunchanakatte Waterfall
•Chunchi Waterfall
•Dondole Waterfall
•Gokak Waterfall
•Hebbe Waterfall
•Hemagiri Waterfall
•Hogenakka Waterfall
•Honnemaradu Waterfall
•Irpu / Iruppu Waterfall
•Jog Waterfall
•Kalhatti Waterfall
•Koosalli Waterfall
•Kudumari Falls
•Kunchikal Falls
•Lalguli Falls
•Magodu Falls
•Mallalli Waterfall
•Manikyadhara Waterfall
•Muthyala Maduvu Waterfall
•Nisargadhama Waterfall
•Satodi Waterfall
•Seetha falls / Koodlu Theertha falls
•Shiv Gange Waterfall
•Shivasamudram Waterfall
•Sirmane Waterfall
•Sootanabbi / Hanuman Gundi Falls
•Unchalli Waterfall
•Varapoha Waterfall
•Vibhooti Waterfall
•Waate Halla/Hole Waterfall

Karnataka hosts a very large number of waterfalls and river basins; there are more than 100 waterfall and river backwater or river side based Tourism destinations in Karnataka. This blog post is an attempt to catalog them by location and capture key highlights of these falls.

Waterfalls near to Chikmagalur

Hebbe Falls – Near Kemmangundi – River Sharavathi

Manikyadhara Falls – Near Kemmangundi – River Sharavathi

Kalathgiri Falls. – Near Kemmangundi – River Sharavathi

Shanti falls – Near Kemmangundi

Kadambi Falls – Near Kemmangundi

Sirimane Falls – Near Sringeri

Alekan falls – Near Kottigehara, Charmadi Ghat

Sirimane Falls – Near Kigga, Sringeri

Waterfalls near to Bangalore

Shivanasamudra Falls – 120 Km from Bangalore – Cauvery River – Second Biggest water fall in India and sixteenth largest in the world

Hogenakal Falls – 150Km from Bangalore – Cauvery River

Mekedatu – 90Km from Bangalore – Arkavati merges with Cauvery River

Muthyalamaduvu – 40Km from Bangalore – Arkavathi River

Chunchi falls – Near Kanakapura 90 Km from Bangalore – Arkavathi River

Waterfalls near to Mysore

Chunchanakatte Falls – Near KR nagar – Cauvery River

Balamuri – Near Mysore – Cauvery River

Waterfalls near to Coorg

Abbey Falls (also Abbi Falls) – Near Madikere – Cauvery River –

Irupu Falls – 50 Km from Madikere – Near Nagarhole – Lakshmana Tirtha River joining Cauvery River

Waterfalls near to Shimoga

Jog Falls – Near Sagara – Sharavathi River

Kunchikal Falls – Near Agumbe – Varahi River

Barkana Falls – Near Agumbe – Sita River

Arisina Gundi Waterfalls – Near Kodachadri

Dabbe Falls – Near Hosagadde, Sagar

Waterfalls near to Udupi (South Kanara)

Kudlu Teertha – 45 Km from Udupi – River Seetha

Jomlu Teertha – 45 Km from Udupi – River Seetha

Koosalli Falls- 85 Km from Udupi – Kundapura Taluka Near Shiroor

Kudumari Falls (Chaktikal Falls). – Kundapur Taluk

Bandaaje Arbi – Near Dharmasthala

donDole falls – Near Dharmasthala, kakkinje near charmaDi

Waterfalls near to North Kanara

Lalguli Falls – Near Yellapur – Kali River

Unchalli Falls (also Lushington or Keppa Jog Near because of the deafening sound) – Near Siddapur – Aghanashini River

burude falls – Near Sirsi or Siddapur – Aghanashini river

Magod Falls – Near Sirsi or Yellapur – Bedti river or Gangavati

Sathodi Falls – Near Sirsi – Kali River

Shivaganga falls – 40Km from Sirsi – Sonda River

Bennehole falls – Near Sirsi – Aghanashini river

Waate HaLLa Falls – Near Sirsi – Aghanashini river

Vibhooti Falls – Near Sirsi or Yana

Waterfalls near to Belgaum

Godachinmalki Falls – Near Gokak – Markandeya river joins Ghataprabha river

Gokak Falls – Near Gokak – Ghataprabha river

Vajrapoha Falls – Near Jamboti – Mandovi River

Waterfalls near to Raichur

Jaladurga Falls – Near Lingsugur – Krishna River

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