Ramanathapuram: Vaigai water reaches Parthibanur regulator

To be regulated to Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga districts

RAMANATHAPURAM: The Vaigai water, which has been opened for irrigation, has reached Parthibanur regulator, which has facility to regulate water for various parts of the Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga districts.

Collector T.N. Hariharan opened the shutter at Parthibanur near here on Monday to mark the supply of water through three channels such as Vaigai River, Right Main Canal (RMC) and Left Main Canal (LMC) in the presence of Public Work Department (PWD) officials and a few farmers.

The Vaigai water, which was opened on Friday, is expected to reach Ramanathapuram big tank within a day, as the water ways are fully wet due to the recent rain.

Mr. Hariharan said the district would fully get its share of 4,350 mcft out of the present storage of 7,000 mcft in the Vaigai dam. The outflow (from Vaigai dam) would be 3,000 cusecs for the first two days and 2,800 cusecs in the next two days. It would be 1,500 cusecs for 4 days from December 1 to 4. The outflow from the Vaigai dam would be 1,400 cusecs for a day on December 5. The pattern of arrival of Vaigai water would enable a proper distribution of water to all areas.

T. Kumanan, Executive Engineer, PWD (WRO), said 3,000 cusecs was being realised at Parthibanur, as there was no water pilferage, evaporation or other, as the waterways had already been recharged.

It would benefit 67,937 acres in Ramanathpauram and Sivaganga districts.

Mr. Hariharan said 154 kanmois would get water from Right Main Canal and 48 kanmois would receive water from Left Main Canal of which 39 were in Sivaganga district.

Necessary steps were taken to take the water to the stipulated areas. Police protection would be given at vulnerable areas to prevent illegal tapping of water.

Gnanakannan, Revenue Divisional Officer, M. Salim Babu, Ramamoorthy, Assistant Executive Engineers, T. Guruthivel Maran, G. Nagarathinam, Jeyaraj, Assistant Engineers and others took part.



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