Tamilnadu: Project to study climate change on Agriculture

COIMBATORE: With climatic conditions playing a crucial role in agriculture, a project to study how the sector is affected by climate change is currently on in the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University with the area of focus being the Cauvery basin.

The ClimaRice project funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway, was aimed at sustaining rice production under changing climatic conditions in Cauvery basin. TNAU scientists in collaboration with International Pacific Research centre, Hawaii and BIOF ORSK, Norway, are working on the project, University Vice-Chancellor Mr P Murugesa Bhoopathi said.

The project, which was originally sanctioned in Jan 2008 for two years, has since been extended upto November 2012, with a budget of Rs.4.15 crore and a Climate Control Chamber at a cost of Rs.60 lakh has been set up in the University, he said.

The project integrates all aspects of climate change in agriculture including adaptation, mitigation and socio economic components.

In addition, various adaptation and mitigation measures including water and nutrient management, microbial technologies to minimise methane emission from the rice fields have also been developed for dissemination, he said.

The project would result in generating a standard methodology to address climate change related issues with specific reference to agriculture and this standard protocol would be useful to other similar regions to develop measures to address the vulnerabi lities within the changing climate, Mr Bhoopathi said. – PTI



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