WWF-India Panda Festival of Environment @ Maharashtra Nature Park December 10 &11 2009

The WWF-India has been celebrating the National Environment Month that starts from 19 November. e have been conducting various competitions and workshops in the form of a festival. From 2005 we have named the festival as the ‘Panda Festival of Environment’ and have had several competitions. This year the
festival will be held on 10 & 11 December, 2009 at Maharashtra (Mahim) Nature Park, Sion (West). The theme for the festival is based on the “International Year of Astronomy” and “Alien Invasive Species”. The festival is open from morning 9.00 am to evening 5.00pm.

Remember last date to register –7 December, 2009.

The Competitions and Nature trails during the festival are free of cost for the WWF-India, enrolled Nature Clubs and Subscribers. The film screenings are free for all. The workshops have a nominal fee. World Wide Fund for Nature – India

For any queries contact , Education Officer or
Asst. Education officer on the following address.
204, National Insurance Building, Dr. D. N. Road, Mumbai – 400001
Tel. Nos. 22078105 / 22071970 / 9869183412 / 9969440476
Dr. Goldin Quadros
Ms. Gauri Gurav,
Email: wwfmumbai@yahoo.co.in / gquadros@wwfindia.net.

1. Nature Trails
2.ExhibitionofPhotographs on“InvasiveAlienSpecies” India .
shot in captivity, gardens, zoos, aquariumand any other artificial environment will not be considered or accepted.

personally collected within 15 days, no entry fee to or not to display, strictly remain the discretion of WWF-India. delivered personally on or before 7 December, 2009

3. FilmScreenings
Workshops( )
Entire dayactivities – openforall
Potteryworkshop10 December
Word puzzle 11 December

The nature trails will be conducted to orient people to the various aspects of the natural ecosystem & alien invasive species. The trails have been designed and separated into six different categories namely General trail, Nakshatravan trail,Birds, Insects&Butterflies,Mangroves,Medicinal plants. Trail timings are as follows- 9.00 am.; 11.00 am.; 2.00 pm; 3.30 pm. The trails will be separate for adults and children.

The trails will be free for WWF-India subscribers and Nature club members, while others will be charged Rs. 5/- per head / trail.
PhotographDimensions: 8”x10”; 10”x12” and10”x15”
Last date for acceptance of entries is7 December 2009.
Date of Exhibition10 &11 December, 2009.
Time of exhibition–9.00am. to5.00pm.

Maximum 5 photographs (prints) to be submitted per participant. Every print should have the name, address, contact number / email of the contestant.

Images from only should be submitted
Each photograph should be correctly identified, have a short but suitable caption and a mention of the place where the photograph was taken and the specification of the camera, film and exposures (if possible).
Digitally altered photographs or those the prints will be used by WWF-India, Maharashtra State Office for non-commercial awareness purpose if they are not after the festival. WWF –India will not post or
courier any photographs. The unclaimed Photographs will be used for noncommercial educational purpose only.

The photographs will be displayed at the exhibition during the Festival on 10 & 11 December, 2009.
There is for the participants, however the decision any particular photograph The photographs should be toWWF-India, Maharashtra State office . Submissions at the venue will not be entertained. Six documentaries based on environment will be screened during the festival open to all Entry is Rs. 100/- per workshop per participant for the WWF-India subscribers and NCI members only on prior registration. For others the charges are Rs. 125 /- per workshop per individual on prior registration only. Spot entry for every one is Rs. 150/- only per workshop per individual, subject to availability of seats. Maximum 50 participants per workshop.All workshop material & participation certificates will be provided.

Dates Workshop (Tentative schedule) Time
10 December Go Wild – Print Magic 2.00 to 4.00 pm
11 December Recycling waste in to useful Material 2.00to4.00pm
(Duration30min)Time: 11.00am-1.00pm&2.00pm-4.00pm

Pots made by the participants can be carried back along with the certificate.
Charges: Rs. 25/- for subscribers and NCI members&Rs. 50/- for others and spot registrations – an interesting 10 minutes activity, no winner will be declared and no certificate will be given. Participant completing it in given time will get a small gift from WWF-India

For More Details Download the PDF


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