Setting Out Fishing on a Coracle on a Stormy Day in Kerala

Setting Out Fishing on a Coracle on a Stormy Day in Kerala ! by Anoop Negi / © All rights reserved

Coracle is a strange contraption for living a life on the water. It is a round and flat woven basket with the underside covered with animal hide. Since hide prices are very high, you see here that the water proof covering used is a plastic/canvas sheet which may have been impregnated with a bit of bitumen or tar to give it some extra strength and water proofing.

The boat appears flimsy and unwieldy while in water, and so it is. The big advantage is that it is as light as can be and moves very fast. I have seen the coracle fisher men out pace the traditional canoes by more then a leg and a mile. The contraption is much is use in Karnataka in India on the River Cauvery.

These fisher men, (and If I recollect properly this gentlemen is called Sidanna) , are from Karnataka and are migrant fishermen in the waters of Kerala. The whole family moves together with the boat and the cooking utensils in tow and they stay in a lean to shelter on the river bank.

On a stormy day in Cochin, from under the bridge where the family stays, Sidanna gets ready to go fishing.

Anoop Negi


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