Krishnagiri: Bring water to Pampar Dam- farmers

Dam dried up as water flow from Andiappan River stopped

KRISHNAGIRI: Tamizhaga Vivasayigal Sangam has urged the government to take steps to bring water to Pampar Dam, which has dried up. Office-bearers of the association put forth the demand at the farmers’ grievances meeting held in Krishnagiri recently.

Needs attention: Excess water gushing out from Benugondapuram Lake in Krishnagiri district to Mathur River.— Photo: N. Bashkaran.

Pampar Dam was constructed 35 years ago to save the excess water from Andiappan River in Tirupattur. Three years ago, a dam was constructed across the river and this completely stopped the water flow to the Pampar Dam.

At present, the dam fully depends on the water released from KRP Dam.

With lots of check dams and lakes across the KRP left canal, illegal pumping of water for irrigation and encroachments along the Mathur River, the chances of water from KRP Dam reaching Pampar Dam are very remote.

The government should take immediate steps to bring water to the dam to mitigate the sufferings of farmers who totally depended on the dam for irrigating nearly 4,000 acres, the farmers said. According to officials, widening the narrow bend in the water way from Barur Lake between Pochampalli and Puliampatti would pave the way for 200 cft water to reach Benugondapuram Lake.

Illegal pumping of water from Mathur River near Kodamandapatti over-bridge. — Photo: N. Bashkaran.

Excess water from Benugondapuram Lake would reach Pampar Dam.

Preventing illegal pumping of water, removing encroachments, widening and cleaning the Mathur River from Benugondapuram to Irandathampatti and increasing water supply from KRP Dam would help water reach Pampar Dam, said P. Dillibabu, Harur MLA.

He said that he would submit a petition in this connection to Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin during his visit to Krishnagiri on Sunday.

Officials of the Public Works Department told The Hindu on Saturday that a detailed proposal would soon be submitted to the government to widen the 25-km Mathur River at Rs. 10 crore after a survey.

R. Arivanantham From THE HINDU


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