Mumbai: BMC digs deeper to tide over water woes

MUMBAI: Faced with an unprecedented water crisis, the BMC has started tapping its groundwater resources. A report prepared by the hydraulic department shows that that there has been an overall increase of 8.77 lakh litres of water after the municipal corporation cleaned and desilted more than 100 underground wells.

Owing to the delayed and insufficient rainfall this year, the stock in the lakes in catchment areas is lower than needed. While the quantity of water is pegged to be at least 13 lakh litres in all the lakes to be able to sail smoothly every year, this year’s rainfall barely managed to fill up 10 lakh litres. It was then that officials sprang into action and started cleaning wells.

The BMC has identified 1,581 wells in different areas of the city, including 784 private wells and 797 public ones. Work on 122 wells has already been completed, while that on 370 is in progress. Work on 676 wells is still to begin.

“While some wells were just reclaimed, others needed desilting. At the end of the work, we managed to extract 34,494 cubic metre of silt. This resulted in an yield of 2.53 million litres per day (MLD),” said an official from the hydraulic department.

“After desilting the wells, we managed to get a 0.8 mld litres increase in the yield,” he added. The city has around 7,000 borewells and 5,000 dugwells, which have the potential to yield 600 million litre per day (MLD). The civic body has allocated Rs 40 crore to de-silt and repair the wells, besides Rs 10 lakh per filtration plant. The water from the wells will be used for non-potable purposes such as gardening, flushing and can be put to other non-drinking uses.

The BMC has, in the wake of the current water crisis started clamping down on water wastage and its overuse to counter water shortage.

The municipal corporation has even brought down the water supply for the upcoming constructions, and has launched an awareness campaign by putting up ominous banners asking citizens to “save water or face water wars”. However, a lot of water continues to get wasted in several areas in the city to leakages and theft.

From TOI


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  1. guessworker says:

    Here’s an interesting article on Mumbai water supply. Water is a big deal for a megacity like Mumbai.

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