Prospects of lower carbon India welcomed by WWF

India’s eve of the Copenhagen climate conference announcement of voluntary measures to reduce the country’s carbon intensity have been welcomed by WWF-India. Prime Minister Dr Manmoham Singh said the intention was to reduce India’s carbon intensity by 20-25 percent of 2005 levels by 2020.

‘We welcome the declaration made by the Honourable Minister for Environment and Forest, Mr Jairam Ramesh and hope that this will be a strong step in moving towards a low-carbon sustainable model of development since the targets will be met through the use of better and more efficient technology,’ said Mr. Ravi Singh, CEO of WWF-India.

In effect, India’s current declaration at the backdrop of the projected economic growth will ensure that the country moves towards a sustainable path to low-carbon economic development, and at the same time move towards attaining the Millennium Development Goals.

A 20-25 percent reduction in the carbon intensity of 2005 levels, by 2020, will ensure that India stays low in terms of it’s emission intensity while its economy continues to grow.

‘We strongly support this declaration which included an outline of a low carbon path for our Indian economy and in knowledge of the fact that it will make for a better future for the country, we request all Indians and leaders from all sectors of society, business and economy to see that these targets are actually exceeded’ Singh said.

The announcement also provides areas where India can take leadership – legislating a mandatory fuel efficiency standards for vehicles in the transportation sector, mandatory building codes implemented across states, amending the Energy Conservation Act 2001 to bring in mechanisms for energy savings certificates, and maintaining forests as carbon sinks.

With the move showing India’s ambition to help advance the talks for a fair and ambitious global climate treaty, WWF has urges the Indian government to come up with more voluntary actions related to greening of the economy in the coming years.

‘India can emerge as a true leader among its peers,’ Singh said.

From Science Centric

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