Tiruchi: Water supply may go up

Pumping mains being laid

TIRUCHI: Work on the laying of pumping mains from the Collector Wells on the Coleroon river, for the Rs.169 crore drinking water supply augmentation scheme, was fast under way in the city.

Pumping mains are to be laid for a total distance of about 88.95 km under the scheme.

review: Mayor S. Sujatha, and Corporation Commissioner T.T. Balsamy inspecting the laying of pumping mains from the collector wells on the Coleroon river for the drinking water supply augmentation scheme in Tiruchi on Friday.

Work on laying the pumping mains for about 22.9 km from Collector Well 3 on the river was currently under way. The pumping mains would supply water to overhead drinking water tanks at Bharathi Nagar, Anandam Nagar, Rainbow Nagar, Selva Nagar, Siva Nagar, Woraiyur, Fathima Nagar and Mangalam Nagar.

Mayor S.Sujatha, Corporation Commissioner T.T.Balsamy and other officials inspected the progress of the work on Friday.

Mr. Balsamy said the Corporation had planned to connect pumping mains to the existing water lines from the Old Pumping Station on the Cauvery by March so that the Coleroon source could be tapped without waiting for the completion of all the packages of the new scheme. This would help overcome the shortage faced in some parts of the city in the near future, he said.

City Engineer S.Raja Mohammed, Executive Engineer S.Arunachalam and other officials were present.



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