Salem: Solid waste being dumped into river

SALEM: The indiscriminate dumping of solid waste into the Tirumanimutharu channel continues unchecked in the city, thus defeating the very purpose of implementing the river improvement project, for which the Salem Corporation has spent crores of rupees already.

The State government has sanctioned the Tirumanimutharu Channel improvement project a few years ago to ensure smooth flow of water in the channel, which is a major river turned sewer passing through the city.


The civic body spent over Rs. 35 crore for concrete lining of the bunds and bed of the channel under the project.

It had already completed the execution of the first phase of the project and the second phase was under progress.

The civic body announced that it would impose fine if persons were found disposing waste into the channel. But it could not implement it.

As a result of this, the commercial establishments located near the channel keep dumping solid waste into the channel, which affects the smooth flow of water in the channel.

Citizens here suggest that the civic body should include traders as stakeholders of the project and form a committee comprising the representatives of traders to prevent the indiscriminate dumping of waste into the channel.

The civic administration can also erect a mesh on both sides of the channel to prevent the dumping of waste into the channel, they add.

If the civic body fails to take any serious action, then the channel will turn into a garbage dump and crores of tax of payers of money spent for the project will be a waste, people point out.



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