Chennai: Plastic waste sorting equipment launched

CHENNAI: And, now technology that helps segregate plastic based on the polymer to curb wastage during recycling or filter out the bad mangoes in the bunch to ensure that only good fruit enters the market.

The Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI) unit in Chennai on Wednesday transferred to industry two technologies developed at its laboratories on the Taramani campus of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

The plastic waste sorting system project supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests deploys Near Infra Red (NIR) spectroscopy to identify poly-ethylene terephthelate (PET) materials before recycling. The equipment, which uses NIR rays in the 700-2,500 nano metre electromagnetic spectrum, will segregate different kinds of plastic on a scale of sensor values for each base polymer.

Apart from carrying immense social benefit, the equipment is expected to address a major issue for recycling industries — the enormous wastage when different types of plastic get mixed up during recycling of PET.

At present, the equipment can differentiate six types of plastic — poly-ethylene, poly-ethylene terephthelate, poly-propylene, poly-vinyl chloride, high density poly ethylene and poly-styrene. However, the experimental lab model sorts only PET on a throughput of 200 kg per hour. The technology was transferred to Bangalore-based Dintis Technologies.

Segregation of mangoes

CEERI also showcased a device that segregates good mangoes from the bad at the maturation stage. The x-ray imaging-based mango sorting system uses the same technique deployed at baggage screening at airports and helps detects spongy tissue or seed weevil infestation that are not apparent externally. The machine is particularly useful for traders exporting bulk quantities of exotic varieties such as the Alphonse mango.

The technology was transferred to Proteck Circuits and Systems in Chennai.



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