Tiruchi: Widespread rainfall in district

TIRUCHI: Several parts of Tiruchi district received widespread though short spells of rain on Sunday.

Tiruchi received a sharp spell of rain for about half-an-hour in the evening.

Maximum record

The rain was accompanied by chillywind.

Marungapuri recorded the maximum of 40.2 mm of rainfall in the 24-hour period ending at 8.30 a.m. on Sunday.The following were the chief amount of rainfall recorded in other parts of the district during the same period (in mm):

Tiruchi Airport 38, Lalgudi 31, Pullampadi 30.2, Tiruchi Junction 30, Golden Rock 25.8, Kovilpatti 25.2, Samayapuram 25, Navalurkuttapattu 24.4, Ponnaniaru Dam 22.4, Tiruchi Town 20.6, Devimangalam, 19.6, Manapparai 18.4, Nandiyar Thalaippu 17, Vathalai Anaicut 15.4, Musiri 15, Kallakudi 13.2, and Thathaiyengarpet 10.

The district received an average of 18.82 mm of rainfall.



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