Call to preserve water tanks in Kanyakumari

Nagercoil: A seminar on the status of tanks was convened here by environmentalists attached to various non-governmental organisations on Saturday.

Most of the tanks of Kanyakumari district were full of weeds which reduced their capacity and promoted evaporation of water resources of Kanyakumari district intended for irrigation and drinking water purposes.

Further, many tanks were encroached upon and land filled by real estate groups. The hills of the district were exploited for the sand which was dumped in to the tanks, paddy fields and wetlands, said former principal scientist, CMFRI, R.S.Lal Mohan.

Presiding over the seminar, he said that the tanks of Kanyakumari were located on a steep gradient which paved the way for the rain water to mingle with sea at a faster rate.

The constituted the natural rainwater harvesting system which made the district fertile. But due to the lack of understanding the geomorphology of the district, the tanks were allowed to be filled with aquatic vegetation belonging to various species of weeds like water hyacinth, ipomoea, grass, etc.

e tanks also recharge groundwater sources. Nowadays, the residents get drinking water once in five days in some places and once in 8 days in other areas. The district was unique in its ecology and wetlands and no unplanned developments should be allowed to turn the district into a desert, cautiond Mr. Mohan.

Environmentalist Jasmine Asir said that the water scarcity had a great impact on women. She stressed that the hardship of the rural women would increase manifold due to the land filling of the tanks and destruction of water resources.


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