Cuddalore: Veeranam tank to be deepened

CUDDALORE: As a permanent flood control measure it has been proposed to deepen the Veeranam tank, according to P. Seetharaman, District Collector.

Addressing a press conference here, he said that owing to excessive flow in feeder canals such as the Vadavar, Sengal Odai and Pappa Odai, the Veeranam tank surplussed during the recent rain.

However, to maintain water level at the safe height of 46 ft (maximum 47.5 ft), there was heavy discharge from the tank which, in turn, inundated farmlands and habitations downstream, particularly in the Chidambaram and Kattumannarkoil blocks.

After inspecting the flooded areas along with District Revenue Officer R. Natarajan, Mr. Seetharaman directed the officials not to release water from the tank but for 77 cusecs for the Chennai Metrowater.

Following the suggestion of the Chief Engineer (Project formulation—water resources) of the Public Works Department, the Collector had formulated certain proposals to find a permanent solution to recurring floods.

These included setting up storage points on the course of uploading streams and letting out water into the tank only when required. Due to sand dunes and dense undergrowth, the actual water level in the tank was far below its stated level of 47.5 ft.

The silt to be obtained from deepening the tank could be utilised by ayacutdars. Mr. Seetharaman further said that heavy silt was the common problem at the tanks and lakes in the district.



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