Dindigul: Dams reach full level

DINDIGUL: All major dams in Palani taluk have reached their full capacity and Varadhamanadhi dam has started overflowing since Tuesday, thanks to the sudden and sharp showers in the past 24 hours.

The entire inflow of 870 cusecs was discharged in to the river from Varadhamanadhi dam.

Storage level in the Palar Porundhalar reservoir reached its brim and Kudiraiyar dam level was inching towards to its total height of 80 feet.

The level crossed 76 feet in this reservoir. Inflow into the Marudhanadhi dam and several tanks near the hilly regions was good. The flow in all streams, including the Silver Cascade on Kodaikanal hill, was also good.

Nilakottai received highest rain and Palani recorded the lowest in the district. The sky was overcast on Wednesday and mild showers were experienced in some pockets.

The worst-affected were the people in Dindigul town. Almost, all prime roads in the town turned slushy and muddy, thanks to the inordinate delay in the completion of underground drainage work. Soil dumped on centre of the road after finishing the work spread on to other parts of the road making it slippery and unfit for riding or driving. Even pedestrians, particularly school children, too faced hardship. North and East Car streets, Main Road, AMC, Salai Road and Railway Station Road and the main road in Begampur were affected.

Total rainfall in the district was 110.4 mm and average rain 12.27 mm only.


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