Public transport to fight global warming: Gujarat CM

Ahmedabad: More people should use public transport to save future generations from dangers of global warming, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi said here today.

“Global warming is a major threat facing the world today. There is a need to cut down the use of vehicles and increase the use of public transport,” Modi said while inaugurating the second edition of the Kankaria Carnival here.

“To save the future generation from global warming, public transport system like Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS), is a solution,” he said.

Modi had also inaugurated the second phase of the BRTS which connects the east and west parts of the city.

“I appeal to the people of the city that this BRTS should become part of their lives, and more and more people should start using it,” he said.

Modi appreciated cleanliness maintained in vicinity of Kankaria Lake.

“Last year over 50 lakh people including politicians, bureaucrats and diplomats visited the Kankaria lake. They all found it clean and well maintained. This is amazing that people equal to the population of the city visited the lake in last one year,” Modi said.

This has revived the past identity of Ahmedabad and its heritage which the people of the city have inherited, he added.

From PTI

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