Overflowing sewage a perennial problem in Salem city

No proper drainage facilities in many residential colonies

‘Bring in an effective mechanism to carry out sanitary works’

SALEM: Overflowing sewage on roads and streets remains a perennial problem in Salem city, posing health hazard to thousands of people.

A number of residential colonies in the city, which has a population of over nine lakh, do not have proper drainage channels and storm water drains.

Sewage from the households and commercial establishments are let into the streets and roads in these colonies.

The colonies, which have a proper drainage system, are not ensured regular cleaning.

This has resulted in blocks in the channels, which leads to overflow of sewage.

“Several drains in the city continue to overflow as the Salem Corporation has grossly failed to ensure regular cleaning,” people charge.

It is very common to see sewage getting stagnated on the streets and vacant lands.

Mosquito menace

The prolonged stagnation of sewage on the streets in colonies like Chinnapachakadu in Ward 59 has led to the increase of mosquito menace to alarming levels.

The dirty water ponds have become favourite breeding grounds for mosquitoes which spread diseases.

“Young children often play near the stagnated sewage. Many children in our ward have fallen sick with respiratory disorders and are constantly under medication,” a senior citizen in Ward 59 says.

“The civic officials and elected representatives have not bothered to take any serious steps to improve the sanitary condition.

“The Corporation’s Under Ground Drainage (UGD) Project, which would help solve a number of issues related to sanitation, has commenced after a prolonged delay,” residents point out.

The project, which was originally conceived a decade ago, underwent many revisions and the Chief Minister laid the foundation for its implementation a year ago.

But the civic body has commenced the survey work a few weeks ago.

The Corporation had also failed ensure fruitful results after it privatized the sanitary works in 21 wards.

“The Bangalore-based Swatchatha Corporation, which bagged the contract for carrying out sanitary works in 21 wards, could not ensure proper cleaning of drains and removal of garbage,” people complain.

People urged the Corporation to bring in an effective mechanism in order to carry out sanitary works in the city and speed up the implementation of the underground drainage project.


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