Tirunelveli: Good inflow into dam following rain

TIRUNELVELI: All seven shutters of Manimuthar dam was opened on Sunday following intermittent drizzle in its catchment areas in the Western Ghats and consequent good inflow of water into the largest reservoir of the district.

BOON FOR FARMERS: Surplus water flowing from Manimuthar dam in Tirunelveli district on Sunday.—Photo: A. Shaikmohideen

Thanks to the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, there were intermittent drizzles in the plains of the district as well as the Western Ghats on Saturday night.

As water level at the dam, which stood at 115.33 feet on Saturday, rose to 117.80 feet on Sunday against the maximum capacity of 118 feet following the inflow of 22,000 cusecs around 6.30 a.m., 12,572 cusecs were discharged through the surplus gates.

However, the discharge was lowered to 5,500 cusecs after 11 a.m. as the inflow also reduced considerably.


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