Mumbai has water problems and Navi Mumbai has swimming pools!

Now, in Navi Mumbai most new construction residential houses you get to see have swimming pools. You ask brokers/builders about why have swimming pools given the water crisis in Mumbai and you are laughed off. They say there is no water problem in Navi Mumbai and they can afford to have swimming pools.

I have nothing against swimming but clearly it is a luxury given the water crisis Mumbai has.

First, If Navi Mumbai has water surplus, why can’t it be transferred to Mumbai. It will not solve the water deficit of Mumbai but still could fill up atleast something.

Second point is how long does it to take to get into a water crisis. As it is quite a few societies in Navi Mumbai already have water problems. So surplus water from other Navi Mumbai regions should be first transferred to deficit Navi Mumbai regions.

Third, what happens to swimming pools? Someone was telling me that BMC allows one swimming pool for a large residential building complex (say 10 buildings etc). So we can have same kinds of rules for Navi Mumbai as well.

Fourth, it would make housing more affordable. The builders charge you for club houses which has swimming pools, sauna, gym etc.

I don’t think we are taking the water crisis situation seriously. It needs a lot of strict urban planning.

From Amol Agrawal


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