Green cover will bring down global warming, say experts

DINDIGUL: Creation of more green cover by growing a large number of trees will scale down global warming and keep the earth cool and make it an ideal place for all living things; traditional agriculture practices will protect cultivable lands.

These observations were made at the South Regional Environment Conference here on Tuesday.

Coastal Aquaculture Authority Chairman A.K. Rajan said that trees were the only viable source to bring down temperature. Degradation of environment and rise in temperature were faster than scientists’ expectations.

The poor would be the worst affected.

Rise in temperature by one degree centigrade would force surface-living fish to go 15 metres deep into the sea.

A further increase would force them to go deeper and even migrate towards north or south directions.

Such a change would make fishermen’s life miserable creating acute sea food shortage.

Coral reef would get destroyed and sea water contaminated. Natural farming scientist K. Nammazhvar said that human greed was the sole reason for the pathetic conditions prevailing on earth. Drought had gripped 14 districts.

Remedy to this crisis was not known.

“If you protect trees for three years, it will protect you till death and also your future generations.”

Traditional practices

Indians had excellent knowledge in traditional agricultural practices. Farmers should be knowledgeable to understand the nature fully and live with it.

Natural farming should be adopted and less water consuming crops cultivated, he said.

Former Vice-Chancellor of Gandhigram Rural University T. Karunakaran said that decentralisation of production would bring a desirable impact on global warming.

Peace Trust Chairman J. Paul Baskar said that Asian and African countries had realised the impact of global warming but only developed nations refused to take any preventive measures even though they realised the impact. Quick and concrete action was necessary, he added.



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