Pune: Industrialists oppose ban on plastic bags

The Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) has opposed the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) resolution for a 100 per cent ban on use of plastic bags.

At a press meet they said the civic body’s resolution is contradictory to the existing rules of the state government. They said that ‘neither the BPMC act nor any other provisions of law empowers the municipal corporations to pass a resolution effecting a total ban on the use of all categories of plastic bags”.

The MCCIA listed that various notifications by the government clearly addresses this issue. The notification on September 2, 1999 on the use of plastic carry-bags under which conditions of manufacturers of carry-bags were specified wherein it is stated that a minimum thickness of carry-bags made of virgin plastic or recycled plastic shall not be less than 20 microns.

This came into effect after the notification on August 10, 2000. The rules even after amendment on June 17, 2003 titled ‘Recycled plastic manufacture and usage amendment rules 2003’ clearly mentions that the relevant rules stipulated restrictions on manufacture, sale, distribution and use of plastic and recycled plastic carry bags and recycled plastic containers stating that no person shall manufacture, stock, distribute or sell carry bags made of virgin or recycled plastic bags which are less than 20 into 30 cms in size. The Maharashtra plastic carry bags manufacture and usage rules 2006 mentions that plastic or recycled plastic shall not be less than 50 microns and of size 20 to 30 cms.

From Indian Express

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