Plastic waste to be collected from six wards of Nagercoil Municipality

More than 400 college and school students participate in training programme

Nagercoil: The district administration has selected six wards of Nagercoil Municipality for the implementation of collecting and sending non-degradable plastic waste from Kanyakumari district to India Cements in Tirunelveli district as fuel, said the Collector, Rajendra Ratnoo.

India Cements

The Collector said that the non-degradable waste from three wards would be collected once in a week, on Monday, and the same would be sent to India Cements everyday from the other three wards.

This was a pilot project and if successfully implemented, it would be extended to other parts of the district, with an intention to announce Kanyakumari as a ‘plastic-free district’ on or before April 1.

More than 400 college and school students underwent special training programme, organised by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board to take this message to the people from all walks of life.

They would visit nook and corner of each and every village to create awareness among the people on the need for not using plastic items. They would instead tell them to use eco-friendly paper bags and cups.

All the local bodies had been asked to pass a resolution in the council meeting about the ban on the usage of plastic materials.

Throwing the plastic materials would obstruct the rise in groundwater level during rainy season.

Paper bags

The Project Officer of District Rural Development Agency, Santhos Kumar, was asked to select self help groups capable of making paper bags and cups on or before March 15.

As fuel

The Executive Engineer of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, Kirubanatha Rajan, said that the district administration of Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts made an agreement with India Cements to provide non-degradable wastes to be used as fuel for manufacturing cement.

Roller skating camp

He also inaugurated an awareness roller skating camp organised by the Roller Skating Association to create awareness among the people on avoiding plastic materials, preventing the environment from all kinds of pollution and for the abolition of child labour system.


More than 15 students participated in the awareness camp on Tuesday.



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