Bangalore: Vision document on irrigation by next week

BANGALORE: A vision statement on the irrigation projects to be taken on a priority basis over the next decade is being brought out by the State Water Resources Department. Also, irrigation projects are being subject to scrutiny on quality parameters.

Water Resources Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Monday said that the vision document will be released in about a week.

The Quality Assurance Cell to be specially constituted will comprise experts from Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB).

The estimate of the money required for the pending irrigation projects in the Krishna and Cauvery basis stands at Rs 45,000 crore.

The specific aspects of implementation and the expected expenditure on each of the projects will be detailed in the statement, Bommai said.

On quality assurance the minister said that electronic meters are being used in projects in the Ghataprabha basin.

On an experimental basis, electronic metering is already undertaken on the Ghataprabha main canal and its distributaries, Bommai said and noted that Malaysia is among the countries which has successfully implemented the electronic metering scheme in irrigation projects.

These electronic meters can send: about 120 SMSes per second; details on the quality and availability of water at a various points along the route may be gathered at one go, he explained.

Meanwhile, the minister said that much of the cultivable land in the state will be irrigated by June.

About 1.25 lakh acres were irrigated last year: 55,000 acres in the Upper Tunga belt, 12,000 acres in the Cauvery basin and the rest in Krishna – Godavari belt, he explained.

From Express Buzz

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