Ramanathapuram: Importance of protecting wetlands stressed

RAMANATHAPURAM: The students of various schools in Rameswaram on Tuesday took out a rally to create awareness of the need to protect wetlands.

Conscious: Students signing a banner to stress the need for wetland protection in Rameswaram on Tuesday. — Photo: L. Balachandar

They also signed on a banner stressing the importance of preserving the wetlands, which were facing dangers by way of encroachment, pollution, letting effluents, plastics, lack of maintenance.

Other areas

The representatives of People’s Action for Development, which is spearheading the awareness campaign, said though the government had identified four wetlands Gulf of Mannar, Mela Selvanoor-Keela Selvanoor, Kanjirankudi and Chithirankudi, the wetlands were spread in other areas of the district including Naripaiyur, Muhuntharayar Chathiram.

In danger

Many of these wetlands were facing danger due to various factors.

S. Kamalabhai, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Rameswaram, V. Jeyachandran, Head Master, Government Higher Secondary School, N. Jeyakanthan, NSS officer, J. Prabakarn and P. Chockalingam of People’s Action for Development took part.


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