Dharmapuri: Water released from Vaniyar Dam

DHARMAPURI: As requisitioned by farmers of the Vaniyar ayacut, P. Amutha, Collector, released water from Vaniyar Dam on January 30 for irrigation to lakes in old ayacut area and left and right main canals.

Water would be released on a rotation basis to the canals by dividing it into two zones. Lakes in old ayacut areas such as Venkatasamuthram, Alapuram, Ondhiampatti, Thenkaraikottai and Parayapatti will get 75 cft a day for 20 days through right main canal. Through left main canal 16 villages such as Venkatasamuthram, Alapuram, Ondhiampatti, Thenkaraikottai, Parayapatti, Molayanur, Kozhimookanur, Pappireddypatti, Adhikarapatti, Thathampatti, Koundampatti, Pudhupatti, Deverajapalayam, Menaci, Boothanatham and Jammanaalli will benefit.

Ms. Amutha asked farmers to use the water judiciously to reap maximum benefit with the cooperation of the officials of the Public Works Department.

V. Mullaivendan, MLA, K. Priya, Deputy Collector, Moyeesan, RDO, Harur, Mani, Executive Engineer (Water Resources Organisation), among others participated.

Later, Ms. Amutha inspected the Sri Lanka refugee camp and promised camp members that all basic facilities would be provided to them, says a release.


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