Experts suggest ways to check global warming

At the ‘National Science Day’ celebrations

DINDIGUL: Alternate fuel, common transport system, energy efficiency, extension of green cover and change in life style are essential to prevent global warming and to make the world the best place for all species including humans to live.

Reuse of shopping bags, travelling only when necessary, purchase of fresh vegetables every day, use of CFL are some meaningful measures to be taken by individuals to check global warming.

These were highlighted by experts at the ‘National Science Day’ celebrations held at Gandhigram Rural University at Gandhigram near here on Wednesday.

In his inaugural address, Professor A.R. Santhakumar, IIT Chennai, cautioned that a one-metre increase in sea level would affect six million people in the US and 183 million in India and Sri Lanka. Bangladesh would be worst affected owing to lack of adaptive capacity.

Developing countries were more vulnerable to global warming than developed nations.

Global warming had been intensified only after industrial revolution. In the last 20 years, there was a sharp rise in temperature.


Flood in uncommon areas, drought in rainy areas, migration of butterflies from south to north, death of penguins and polar bears, destruction of coral reefs, increase in temperatures of surface area and rain in Arctic area were strong evidences for global warming, he pointed out.

In his special address, S.R. Ramanan, Director of Regional Cyclone Warning Centre argued that global warming in India was mainly due to rapid urbanisation and turning cities into concrete jungles rather than emission of gases.

Temperature in Raj Bhavan area in Chennai was four degree less than the temperature that prevailed in other parts of the city only because of the extensive green cover. Sharp increase in heat would create more high intensive cyclones, he cautioned.

Slump in food production, increase in drought hit areas and rise in sea level would be some of the worst impacts of global warming.

Eco-friendly design for housing with less cement covered areas, energy efficiency, stringent industrial standards, clean technologies, change in lifestyle, car pools, better public transport facility, maximum use of solar power were some measures to be taken to control global warming, he advised.



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