Tiruchi: Model farm features irrigation systems

TIRUCHI: A model farm of Pressurised Irrigation Systems, featuring models of different drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, has been set up at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University’s Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute at Navalurkuttapattu near Tiruchi.

The farm has been set up to demonstrate water saving technologies for sustainable agriculture and promote awareness among farmers.

Promoting optimum usage: The Raingun Irrigation System at a model farm at Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute in Tiruchi. — Photo: R. Ashok

The farm features an advanced head control unit through which water soluble fertilizers can be mixed with irrigation water and applied directly to the crop. The head control is equipped with valves, filters and fertigation devices.

All types of sprinkler irrigation systems such as impact sprinkler, raingun sprinkler, micro sprinkler and micro-jet spitters with wetting diameters ranging from three to 60 metres have been designed, according to S. Somasundaram, Assistant Professor (agronomy) of the college, who designed the model farm.

The systems have been demonstrated in a model farm in an area of about 1.25 acres, where various crops have been raised, in the college campus.

For demonstration

Different crops are grown under different micro-irrigation systems all around the year for demonstration, training and research purpose, said G. Kathiresan, Dean of the college.

The test crops grown under the sprinkler irrigation area include groundnut, small onion, radish, cluster beans and vegetable cowpea.

Even cabbage and cauliflower, which are not normally grown in this part of the region, have been tried and the results are awaited, Dr. Somasundaram said.

Different modules of drip irrigation such as surface online and inline drip for maize and clusterbeans; sub-surface drip for banana and papaya; and overhead drip for grapes are also maintained at the farm. Apart from conserving water, farmers adopting the technologies could expect improvement in yield and quality of the produce, Dr. Somasundaram said.



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